As a professional information platform focusing on innovation, green commerce and sustainable development, integrates the platform network and the resources of partners to provide three-dimensional communication services, promote the propaganda and dissemination of enterprises, research institutions and management departments in the areas of environmental protection, clean technology and low-carbon economy in China and overseas, share the best analysis and practice articles on green business with tens of thousands of professional readers, and provide scientific decision-making basis as well as promote global green information exchange.


As a service provider of industry public relations who has been operating in China for 15 years, it has rich experience in professional activities with partners from research and consultancy institutions and media in the areas of environmental protection, clean technology and innovation both in China and abroad. We have professional capabilities of research, planning and implementation. We also have professional viewpoints and channels to provide customized activities and relationship network for our partners and clients to ensure their best interests.


Through the platform database and partnership, we have established a communication system within China and nearly 20 countries and regions. In the process of technological innovation and market development, we can provide our partners with support of the communication network among management departments, research organizations and enterprises, while maintaining our partners’ brands and public images in the target market through the network platform and the professional activities.


With the support of the platform’s think tank and research center, we can use technical analysis which is applicable to all parties in China and abroad to discover the needs of the research, market and cooperation projects, assist our clients to find partners and customers in the potential market, and provide them with support and services related to intellectual property rights in the process of technology transfer to ensure the interests of our customers and partners.


Lanyue Cloud can transfer industrial equipment data to the cloud to realize real-time monitoring of data cloud as well as reduce the investment and maintenance costs of servers and monitoring software and hardware as that in traditional methods. It can realize the industrial equipment cloud monitoring and cloud storage for data, provide professional analysis services, improve business logic, achieve energy saving, efficiency increasement and other purposes.