Website: was launched in 1999. It is a professional Internet platform focusing on energy saving and environmental protection, smart city and green development. deeply analyzises on environmental protection industry related policies, investment and financing, listed companies, project bidding, technology application and other professional instant information ranging from 20 vertical subdivision like solid waste, water affairs, new energy, atmospheric governance, etc. Through the integration of online and offline professional resources, it provides users with various products and professional services like the Internet industry information, network advertising, e-commerce, business tools and industry database. is a news platform of vertical industries such as new energy and renewable energy that launched in 2002. It is focusing on timely providing of relevant professional services like new energy and renewable energy policies, technology communication, information transfer, market analysis, project exploration, enterprise service, e-commerce, etc. is a professional business information network focusing on energy saving and environmental protection, new energy, and green city. It provides business information of brand communication, press release, staff recruitment and demonstration case for enterprise users, as well as provides reference for professional users with investment, project and innovation technology of environmental protection industry.

Lvcha Platform

Lvcha platform is a big data platform on environment with independent intellectual property rights. It is dedicated to providing corresponding data products and services in the fields of environmental management, environmental credit, green supply chain, etc.

Lanyue Cloud

Lanyue Cloud platform is widely used in the industry of intelligent heating, intelligent energy efficiency, intelligent water service and intelligent sanitation, etc. By transferring data to the cloud, data control and analysis, the intelligent operation solution can be realized.

Energy Conservation & Environmental Protection Committee of Z-Park Scientific Innovation High-tech Transfer Association

Z-Park Scientific Innovation High-tech Transfer Association’s Energy Conservation & Environmental Protection Committee is a national and non-profit NGO which is composed with well-known universities, scientific research institutes, scientific and technological service institutions, venture investment institutions, private equity funds, etc. in Zhongguancun Science Park and other well-known people who concern about technologies and achievements transfer. It mainly engaged in scientific and technological R&D cooperation and development of relevant standards, promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, conducting professional consultation, training and exhibition services, editing and publishing professional publications, undertaking projects entrusted by the government, carrying out international exchanges and cooperation and so on. is the initiative unit of it.

Eco-humanity Alliacne

Eco-humanity Alliance is an environmental protection NGO that is dedicated to promote the balanced development of society, economy, and ecology. It always actively advocates the development philosophy of “learning from nature, returning to ecology, ecological world and harmonious humanity” ever since it was founded in 2010. Integrated think tank, network and research, this innovative cooperation platform is committed to promote research and innovative technology transfer on smart eco-city and sustainable development. is its joint initiative unit, vice-chairman unit, as well as operating agency of its secretariat.